Our factory produces seed in and seed out purees of berries and other fruit and vegetables. Generally, we do not heat treat our purees and ship frozen in a variety of packaging options such as cartons, pails or drums. This allows the full flavour, nutrient value and colour of the original fruit to be retained.
Our purees include:
• Apricot
• Blackberry
• Blackcurrant
• Blueberry
• Lingonberry
• Passion fruit
• Peach
• Pear
• Raspberry
• Strawberry
• Yumberry (yang mei)
… and many more.
We have blending capabilities at our factory and can deliver quite complex blended puree recipes. Furthermore, our packaging options range from cubes of 5g, 20g or 30g to cover all demands.
This option results in:
• Easy portion control
• Easy handling
• Attractive appearance
• Flexible packaging
This is a popular option for the smoothie industry.