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Berry Ltd is a private company registered in the UK and has been trading since February 1991. Our offices are based in Anglesey, North Wales. We are skilled at supplying a wide range of market leading products to a world-wide customer base, and we invite you to take a look around our website and at what we can offer. We are always interested in product development, so please get in touch with us if you have other ideas in mind.
We are a supplier of frozen fruits, purees, juice concentrates and infused and dried fruit to industrial, foodservice and retail customers. With a worldwide network of packers plus our own farming and processing operations in China, we offer a wide range of high quality fruit products.
We, together with our Chinese partner, Flying Dragon Ltd, established the joint venture farming and processing company Dragon’s Garden Ltd in Yifengdian near Qingdao, Shandong Province in China in 2000. The partnership between the dragons of Wales and China is embodied in our logo. Berry Ltd is the majority shareholder, financier and marketing agent for the joint venture.
Over the years, as the demographics in China have changed, we have seen China become a key market for fruit and vegetables. The location of our joint venture, close to the major city of Qingdao and within easy reach of both Shanghai and Beijing, means we are also strategically placed as a distribution point for import into China.




Our two factories are located on the same 7-acre site located just outside Yifengdian village which is about 40 minutes by motorway from Qingdao airport.

We have invested in our facilities over the years and as a result, our capabilities are extremely flexible. The facilities available at our factories, together with the diverse skill set of our staff makes us uniquely placed to offer a very wide product range, including:

• Production of IQF fruit and vegetables;
• Dicing and slicing with sugar added if required;
• Deep frozen purees including blends;
• Blended or single fruit, vegetable or herb purees packed in cube form;
• Dried, infused fruit;
• Jams and fruit preparations.

Packaging formats include drums, cartons, pails and a wide range of retail and food service options.


Berry Ltd is not limited to sourcing from China. China is where we have vertically integrated our activities; however, 30 years’ experience in the fruit growing and trading world means we have an extensive network of connections on all continents save Antarctica.

So, if you are looking for sour cherries or currants from Poland, raspberries from Serbia or South America, boysenberries from New Zealand, blueberries from the USA or Canada or juice and puree concentrates from the best packers in Europe and the USA we can help.

We welcome your enquiries.


The climate is different in Shandong to other parts of the world at the same latitude and presents its own challenges. Shandong gets the tail end of a monsoon in midsummer which makes the months of July and August often wet. Furthermore, the dry winter and wind chills from Siberia can be very cold indeed. We have learnt over the years that there are benefits to this rigorous climate as well as some drawbacks, for example:

• Adequate winter chilling which allows the many fruits that need a dormant period to thrive. Apples, pears, peaches, and apricots are produced in colossal quantities in China; some 30 million tons of apples and 14 million tons of pears are produced annually with the USA by comparison producing 4.3 million tons and less than 1 million tons respectively.
• Organic management of fruit is easier. Pest populations are knocked back every year and the mould that can often be a big problem for strawberries in Poland, for example, does not trouble us. With plentiful labour to hand weed we do not need herbicides. So, while there are critics of organic farming in China we have 18 years’ experience which shows it can be done well.

Much of the challenges associated with a cold winter climate can be overcome by the fantastic large Chinese warming polytunnels, of which we have 19 on our farms. With these structures, it is possible to ripen strawberries in mid-winter when the outside temperature may be no more than zero, and night time temperatures at around -10°C. Some of our fruit is grown on table top systems that can be raised or lowered to maximise sunlight exposure. As a result, we can ensure we keep up with our customers’ demands and supply fruit all year round.

We take our ethical and social responsibility very seriously. In addition to our organic stewardship of our land, we have installed a waste water treatment system that allows all our waste water from washing and processing to be returned to nearby farms as completely clean irrigation water. We have a tank in our final outlet stocked with fish as evidence of this purity. We observe the employment laws of China and our staff is our greatest asset.

We are members of SEDEX.


Rising living standards together with government initiatives such as the universal vaccination for HAV have improved the health of the Chinese population. At our factory, all workers undergo health checks prior to employment.

The key to product with the lowest possible microbiological levels is an effective washing line with appropriate kill steps.

We encourage customers with an interest in food safety to contact us for all details from field to fork.


David Berry

David Berry

Managing Director
David is Managing Director of Berry Ltd and Chairman of Dragons Garden Ltd. After completing a Business degree in New Zealand followed by some extensive travel David started a career in the exporting of frozen fruit from New Zealand. Relocation to the UK in 1988 was followed by the opening of Berry Ltd in 1991.
Kirby Wang

Kirby Wang

Managing Director
Kirby is Managing Director of Dragons Garden Ltd. Kirby left his work in a state-owned trading company in Qingdao and abandoned his studies for an MBA in order to set up Flying Dragon Ltd so that company could partner Berry Ltd in the creation of the joint venture Dragons Garden Ltd. Kirby’s energy and skills have been fundamental to continued growth and development of the company.
Carrie Ogden

Carrie Ogden

Technical Manager
Carrie is Technical Manager for Berry Ltd and Dragon’s Garden Ltd. With a degree in Chemistry, Carrie has a very broad set of skills. Her role is technical liaison between the factory and our customers.
Marged Berry

Marged Berry

Business Development Manager
Marged is Berry Ltd’s Business Development Manager. Marged trained as a lawyer and after qualifying, she practised as a clinical negligence solicitor in Manchester and Cardiff before joining the family business in 2014.


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